COVID-19 Information

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Our staff is taking precautions in an effort to prevent the virus from spreading. We have significantly increased the frequency and scope of our cleaning and sanitation efforts. For more information on how to protect yourself, please visit the AVMA and CDC.

We continue to offer in-home veterinary care, including euthanasia and aftercare services. All clients must wear a mask over their nose and mouth at all times while we are present in the household.

Integrative In-Home Veterinarian

We proudly offer warm hands for cold noses daily.


What a gift it is to love what you do and to do what you love.

Dr. Kristine Stellato adores caring for your companions in the comfort of their homes. Your pet can enjoy the visit in the comfort of their own bed or show off their tricks or favorite toys and activities right there in the living room. Being able to address environmental, emotional, mental, and physical concerns is critical for whole health and well-being. Dr. Stellato’s bond-centered approach acknowledges how strong and meaningful your connection is with your pet. If your pet is in distress, this impacts your relationship –a loving relationship where you constantly strive to diminish fear, anxiety, and stress.

Rather than traveling with your meowing kitty in a carrier or lifting your 75 lb arthritic canine companion into the car, Dr. Stellato comes directly to you, working with individual families to the extent of their capabilities. Young or old, she strives to improve your pet’s quality of life by promoting pleasant feelings such as joy, contentment, and relaxation. Her expertise and experience help guide you through treatment plans that are beneficial, realistic, and safe, for you and your pet. We here at The Helpful Heeler are helpful and compassionate, turning an average experience into an extraordinary one.

Compassionate In-Home Veterinary Care

We care for your whole pet, addressing environmental, emotional, mental, and physical burdens that may be ailing your companion. The path to your pet’s whole health and well-being starts right in your living room!

Mobile Nurse Appointments

Our veterinary nurse travels directly to you and is happy to assist your pet in the comfort of your home! Services include pedicures, dremeling, anal gland expressions, medicating (oral, injectable, topical, ocular, ears), fluid administration, hygiene care, ear cleaning, husbandry, and more.

The Helpful Heeler

People frequently ask Kristine if she’s always wanted to be a veterinarian. Her automatic answer was always, “no.” While cleaning out the basement, she stumbled upon evidence of what her childhood brain was thinking about the future. In elementary school, Kristine wanted to go to Yale and become a lawyer. In ninth grade, she cared more about being able to ski during college than why she wanted to go to college. At some point growing up she did want to become a vet, albeit the path was a bit circuitous.

We love our clients and patients!

We know you have a lot of choices when choosing the best veterinary care in Chester County, PA. Thank you for joining The Helpful Heeler family!

In addition to her professional expertise, Dr. Stellato brings true kindness to every interaction with her patients and their owners.

– Mike A.

Dr. Stellato is a brilliant veterinarian with a heart as big as The Grand Canyon and the skills to match. She has been treating our dog and cat, in our home, for over a year. Her approach to the animals is always kind and gentle. With people, she is patient, kind, and always willing to educate and reassure. I highly, highly recommend Dr. Stellato. We feel very fortunate to call her our vet!

– Beth & Rob A.

Dr. Stellato’s in-home vet care really takes the stress and anxiety away from your pets. As well as the owners!

– Scott S.